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Big Business, Big Data

33 Big Data Formulas For Your Business Transformation

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Co-Author Profile

Dr Chee Yew Wen

Dr Chee Yew Wen
Executive Chairman & Founder
Braveworks Group of Companies

Is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Braveworks International Sdn Bhd. It is the only company that is recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records in 2012 as the largest company in Malaysia in organizing various seminars and programs in the areas of business development, marketing and motivation.

As of today, Dr Chee has trained more than 500,000 participants and each seminar of Dr Chee, would be flooded by thousands of participants till it overflows onto the outside hall. As a leader in the field of coaching, speaker, author of marketing books and the success of the best-selling in the market "Mastering Marketing, Secrets of Attracting Customers" and book Magnet Wealth and Success, Dr Chee is an entrepreneur who has founded 27 companies in various industry.

These include advertising agencies accredited to the publication, printing, design, brands and products, real estate investments and corporate services company. Dr Chee was the founder of the Cooperative Capital Entrepreneur Selangor Berhad (USB) that helps a group of entrepreneurs to expand their portfolio.

Dr Chee is not only been an inspiration and mentor to many entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia, but also has always been a reference point by various government agencies and organizations in the field of entrepreneurship development training. Through the “Point of Gold", Dr Chee has proven success in creating more entrepreneurs who started from zero until they became millionaires through his successful formula that is effective, efficient and proven trustworthy.

Dr Chee, who has extensive business experience, is also involved in portfolio management in advertising and marketing since 2001 for thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and organizations such as Digi, Maxis, Celcom, TM, Standard Chartered, Nantional Cancer Council and HSBC.

Dr Chee had also been invited to cooperate with the prime minister of business development, to build a series of development programs throughout Malaysia which is an initiative of the prime minister of Malaysia. In addition, Dr Chee also invited to share knowledge with entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in some universities such as National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and also in the Expo Entrepreneurs in London, United Kingdom and Chicago, USA to share knowledge about entrepreneurship and strategy marketing.

Dr Chee had established a series of business clinics and seminars on the topic of entrepreneurship, business and marketing. He is now recognized as an expert in the field of business development and marketing training in Malaysia. He is also conducting research and writing to complete his second PhD thesis, Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD) at the City University, College of Science and Technology.

Co-Author Profile

Samantha Lee Yen Hua

Ms Samantha Lee Yen Hua
Managing Partner
Bricks Creative

Ms Samantha Lee Yen Hua holds a BA (Hons) Business Analytics, SIM University, Singapore, has 20 years experience and knowledge in the world of analytics.

For more 20 years, Ms Lee had spent her time with the 3 'passions’: the first is about understanding the data presented in analytics. She wants her students and understudy to be confident in reading data just like the data science experts in Silicon Valley.

After much encouragement, she sought her way to the United States of America to learn from the top big data scientists. She managed to meet up with leading and renowned big data scientiest Nate Silver, Timothy Hughes and Vincent Granville and secured her masters in analytics in Oxford University. Her experience in the states allowed her to expand her understanding of how one should read analytics and how she can optimize the data to understand how users surf her websites.

The second is connecting data to its meaning. After completing her studies at the primary school level, she began to read up on the basics of analytics and even memorized the fundamentals to approach it. Her dedication to analytics spurred her to be the youngest speaker ever invited to a TEDX talk in Singapore, when she was just 14 years of age.

During her time in Oxford, she excelled in all her analytics tests, after grasping the underlying meanings each data point conveyed. Currently, she is a Managing Partner of Bricks Creative where she teaches companies on how to read and understand data presented to them.

Her third focus is on the development of analytics. Her strong foundation in coding pushes her to create her own dashboards and also develop her API which she subsequently applied on her own websites.

She is constantly improving the way she uses analytics during her free time to have a better understanding on the data and have been known to be meticulous in her reports, giving more than what’s expected from her clients. Her strong willed and passion have won loyalty from her customers and she is often known as “Ms Big Data” by her clients given her profound knowledge in analytics.

Personal Reviews from Readers

If you're looking for a book that helps boost your business by analyzing data, this is it! The recommendations from Dr Chee is beneficial to any business.

Dez Blanchfield, Big Data Scientist

Essential read for business owners especially in this evolving digital age. Samantha and Dr Chee's insights ease our understanding when it comes to big data.

Anne Bidget, Manager, MarketMotive

A very important piece of work, both profound and focused. Dr Chee has excelled in pinpointing the importance of analytics in your business.

Professor James Teo, University of Chicago


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